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Air Traffic Activity System (ATADS)

The Air Traffic Activity Data System (ATADS) contains the official NAS air traffic operations data available for public release. On the 20th of each month, data for the previous month is made available. The first year of data available is FY 1990.

Due to a TFMS software upgrade on 9/22/2018 and subsequent OPSNET outage, delays attributed to ground delay programs (GDP) or ground stops (GS) from September 23 through 27 are not recoverable, and therefore not available in OPSNET reports. In addition, the TPC is working to correct duplicate traffic counts between September 22 and October 1 for ZAN, ZMA, ZOA, ZSU, CMA, FSD, HNL, and PHL. There is no estimate when traffic count reporting errors will be resolved.

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