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FAA Operations & Performance Data

FAA Operations and Performance Data provides access to historical traffic counts, forecasts of aviation activity, and delay statistics. Many of the following databases contain proprietary information and require a registered user name and password. You may request a login from FAA.

Database Access Systems Reporting Systems

Please Note

*** “APM” has been re-named “ASPM”, and “ASPM--Complete” has been renamed “Legacy ASPM”. ***
This change supports the FAA's transition away from old development technologies that are no longer supported. In the near term, users who still use the old ASPM interface to generate reports will be able to access it under the “Legacy ASPM” link; longer term, that reporting interface will be decommissioned. The ASPM team recommends becoming familiar with the report-generating options under the new ASPM interface (previously APM), and making use of the ? links to access the wiki-style pages that provide supporting documentation.

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